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  Bobby Long, Professional Land Surveyor & Licensed Soil Scientist
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Why Survey?

"What is a survey and why does a home buyer need one? A survey is the process of evaluating land to locate boundaries and other features. The surveyor then draws a map to communicate his findings. The typical residential survey will show boundary lines, the location of the house with respect to the boundaries, set backs, easements, fences and any other encroachments relating to the property, as well as a statement where the property lies in a flood plain."

If I'm contracted for your project, all aspects of your survey will be directly supervised by an experienced, licensed land surveyor.


Bobby Long & Associates has been in business for over 40 years in Brunswick County, NC


What is Surveying?


Surveying is the science or art of making measurements to determine or establish the relative position of points above, on, or beneath the surface of the earth. Surveys are generally divided into classes according to the type of data obtained, the methods and instruments used, and the purposes to be served. Some examples of surveys are: geodetic surveys, topographic surveys, aerial or photogrammetric surveys, soil and wetland surveys, geologic surveys, alta survey and land surveys.

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